Operating systems

An operating system (often called OS – Operating System) is software that is installed on a device, enabling it to be used as a computer. Among the various operating systems in existence, the best-known are Windows, Mac and Linux. The major difference between these systems lies in the way they are developed: the interface is not the same, and the way applications work differs too.

In 2010, Windows, developed by Microsoft, holds a virtual monopoly on personal computers, with almost 90% of PCs running Windows. By 2020, this market share will have fallen to 70% for Windows, to the benefit of Mac and Linux.

The current operating systems still maintained by Microsoft are Windows 10 and Windows 11. Windows 7 has not been updated since January 14, 2020.

How to choose an operating system?

Depending on your computer skills, and what you want to do with your device, we recommend different operating systems.

If you’re not a computer wizard, we advise you to choose between Windows and Mac. Mac will offer an interface optimized for multimedia and the transfer of your favorite music, photos and documents from one Apple device to another. Windows will be more general-purpose, suitable for all common activities such as multimedia, office automation and games. At TUSK, we’ve opted for a Windows 11 system: you’ll be able to take advantage of Microsoft’s new features thanks to the system’s quick and easy installation.

If you’re familiar with computers, and want to discover something new, we can only recommend a Linux system: very free and powerful, it requires a general familiarity with computers and the UNIX environment to be able to take full advantage of Linux’s power. At TUSK, we offer you the latest system images from the major Linux distributions, as well as USB sticks available for shipment, containing a Linux system ready to install. So you don’t have to worry about burning the system, just plug the stick into your computer and start using Linux straight away!

Which support for my system?

At TUSK, we offer top-quality customer service to help you set up and get to grips with the operating system you’ve just purchased. When you order a product from TUSK, it always comes with a very clear and detailed official application installation guide. This guides you through the installation process, so that everything goes smoothly. If, despite the guides provided at the time of purchase, you still encounter difficulties when installing or getting to grips with the application, our customer service team will be happy to help you by e-mail, so that you’re as comfortable as possible with the product you’ve chosen.

Buy Windows 11 on TUSK

TUSK offers you all the products in the Windows 11 range for purchase, including all the new features from Microsoft. You can browse our operating system license offers here. All our licenses are certified original and authentic. TUSK is able to offer you the best prices on the Internet, because we buy original licenses all year round from companies that no longer need them, either because they’ve closed down, or because their installed base has changed. Our Windows 11 licenses come with an installation guide? Our customer service team is also on hand to help you get to grips with the product once you’ve purchased it.

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