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Pack Office 2016 Pro : Accomplish more

Download now and enjoy the power of the Office 2016 Pro Pack today. This offer, which is aimed at both individuals and businesses, lets you use iconic software from the Office range, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Outlook, Access, OneNote and Teams. Work quickly and efficiently with this pack of professional tools. Write documents with Word, speed up productivity with Excel spreadsheet and PowerPoint slide presentation software, whose reputation in the corporate world is second to none.

Take advantage of the latest features

The Office 2016 Pro Pack is designed to help you create and communicate faster with time-saving features, a new interface, built-in collaboration tools, and an enhanced cloud backup system. The security and performance of your favorite applications have been revised. Manage your emails, calendars and contacts directly with Outlook 2016. Create and share professional-quality documents with Word.

Create your own databases

Connect your data and project your ideas directly in relational form with Access 2016. Access has been designed to manage linked tables, with options for updating, reconnecting or deleting in anticipation of updates. Finally, build the perfect relational schema with the professional design tools included within the Office 2016 Pro Pack.

Excel, the indispensable spreadsheet program

Analyze and virtualize your data in a new way with Excel’s enhanced interface. Thanks to new keyboard shortcuts and never-before-seen calculation functions, visualize your business performance or any other data cloud directly in a table on a single page. You can also create advanced statistics on Excel data sets.

OneNote, the intelligent post-it note

Whether you’re at home, in the office or on the move, write down your ideas, favorite web pages and even multimedia files in OneNote, so you never forget a thing. Take and share your notes wherever you go.

Take advantage of the most extensive office suite on the market

Enjoy the comfort and ergonomics of the world’s most widely used office suite with the Office 2016 Pro Pack. Draft your documents with Word, perform complex calculations simply with Excel spreadsheet functions, and manage your e-mails with peace of mind thanks to Outlook messaging. And thanks to TUSK, you’ll also benefit from available, responsive customer service to help you install and activate the Office suite once you’ve purchased the key.

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Windows 10 et Windows 11
32/64 bits


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